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Important Web Links

Here is a list of internet links that the Foundation has compiled to help benefit the education community.

  • arts-books.com:
    Arts Books specializes in all the performing arts, from ballet and ballroom to contemporary dance, opera, mime, drama and musical theatre.  They currently stock thousands of books, CDs and videos, together with a superb range of dancewear.

  • Why Art?:
    This site is dedicated to assisting those who believe the arts are an essential part of a complete education, offering opportunities for recognition and success to those whose strengths are not necessarily found  in traditional venues or modalities. WhyArt.com focuses on those who learn or perceive differently, and why they so often connect with art.  

  • LD OnLine:
    The interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children.

  • The Council for Exceptional Children's Home Page:
    The Council for Exceptional Children is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational outcomes for children with disabilities.

  • National Art Education Association Home Page:
    The National Art Education Association is an organization with a membership of over 17,000 art educators.

  • U.S. Department of Education (ED) Home Page:
    The United States Department of Education has a comprehensive site offering many resources.

  • Association for the Advancement of Arts Education:
    The Association for the Advancement of Arts Education "is the direct result of a comprehensive two-year study which surveyed hundreds of superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, school board members, artists, professional arts administrators and community leaders regarding their views on arts education."

    ARTSEDGE, a service of the National Arts and Education Information Network, links the arts and education through technology.

  • Americans for the Arts: Early Childhood Research Supports Arts Education:
    "Psychologists and educators have long recognized the impact of early experiences on a child's intellectual and emotional development. Now, through technological advances, neuroscientists are providing hard evidence that connective pathways in the brain are actually created by repeated early experiences. Scientists are viewing brain activity through neuro-scans and other technology -- revealing that the experiences that fill a baby's first three years build neuro-circuitry in the brain influencing how a child does in school, relationships and in society as a whole."  Because of this research "a child's early engagement in singing, music, art activities, storytelling and movement has even more significance because these experiences can help create unique brain connections that will have long term impact on that youngster's life."

  • Education Week on the Web:
    Education Week on the Web is the nation's weekly newspaper for education-related issues.

  • Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership:
    The Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership is a private nonprofit coalition of education, arts, business, philanthropy, and government organizations.

  • OSERS -- Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP):
    The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) is a component of the United States Department of Education which focuses on free and appropriate education for children with disabilities.

  • National PTA Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs:
    The National PTA Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs is the national standards for parent and family involvement programs developed by the National PTA.