2015 Teacher Grant Applications

Teacher Grant Applications for 2015 are being accepted until September 30, 2015.  All applications must be post marked no later than September 30th.  Teacher Grant Recipients for 2015 will receive monies for the 2016-2017 school year.

2015 S A E P Photos

The Summer Art Enrichment Program Program was held June 15 - 19.   View photos here .

Teacher Art Grant 2014 Recipients Announced.

National Teacher Art Grant Winners - 2014 for the 2015-2016 School Year.

North Lauderdale Educational Center-Pembrooke Pines, FL - $875.00. Teacher - Renata James. Project: Sensory Tactile Art Curriculum – Children learn to express their ideas as they investigate a variety of media beyond crayons, watercolor, and finger paints.  Their investigations in the creative art process involve all of their senses in hand-on experiences in clay, paint, inks, collage, and puppetry. Sticky, slippery, gooey, heavy, bumpy… that’s what sensory experiences are made of. 

Eisenhower Middle School – Lawton, OK - $994.89. Teacher – Susan Smith. Project: Painting through Science – Students will learn to paint a scene, an animal, a plant, or something from nature the students will study in science.  Students will research the topic, present to peers and create artist’s cards to go along with their paintings.  Once all paintings are completed they will be displayed in the school for students and staff to view and provide positive comments.

Royal Live Oaks Academy of Arts and Science – Hardeeville, SC - $856.42. Teacher – T. D. James-Moss. Project: Connecting Countries and Cultures – The group mural activity will bring art and culture to life in the art classroom.  Students will learn the impact that art can have on communities once they have been a part of that impact.

Sallye B. Mathis School – Jacksonville, FL - $613.98.  Teacher Denyse Cohen. Project: Incorporating the arts with literacy.  The purpose of this program is to enhance and strengthen literacy through the development of an illustrated book.  Students will explore language and vocabulary to write a story and create drawings, paintings or diagrams to illustrate their story, making it easier to understand.  Copies of the final book will be printed and added to school library.

Mather High School – Chicago, IL - $258.69.  Teacher – Hyam Elsaharty.  Project: Integrating the arts into mathematics.  Algebra 1 students will be introduced to the basic concept of polygons as they prepare for Geometry.  Students will create 3-dimensional dream catchers through representation and application of at least 4 polygons, using different colors of yarn and repeating pattern to showcase each polygon, aiding in identifying and classifying polygons.